Do It Yourself Clogged Drain and Sewage Clean Up

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Dark water damage Repair Unclogging the Drainage System in Your New Cedar Park Home

Clogging of the sewer lines can be a problem for Cedar Park homes. Clogged drains usually happen when new homeowners don’t pay enough attention to the regular cleaning of sewage lines. The first sign of sewage problem is improper draining of wastewater in the sink or bathrooms. The situation can worsen and can lead to sewage overflows into the home if proper cleaning and remediation of this issue are not taken care of right away.

Sewage Overflow

A sewage overflow can directly affect the health and hygiene of people by spreading severe water-borne diseases like hepatitis A, cholera and typhoid. To help you avoid this happening, we are providing you with the process you may use to remediate this problem without any expert supervision. But make no mistake, dealing with raw sewage can be hazardous to your health. Knowing this, you might want to opt for professional Cedar Park water damage repair.

Safety Precautions

Before trying to clean up a sewage overflow, you’ll need to make sure you the correct safety equipment.  You need to wear protective rubber boots, gloves, and a respiratory mask to prevent coming into direct contact with the contaminated water that can contain all sorts of pathogens, germs, and bacteria. After cleaning up the overflow, and disinfecting the area, you’ll want to work on the clogged toilet or drain.

Cleaning a Clogged Drain

After ensuring your protection, take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the clogged drainage system. Then add 2 cups of vinegar and pour it into the same drain so that it gets mixed with baking soda. You can increase the amount of vinegar if the need arises. When the baking soda comes in contact with the vinegar, it will generate carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide will create bubbles which will force down the drain eliminating to clogging. When the drainage system is clear with of the clog, pour hot water in the system and flush the system several times to ensure all the waste is cleared and the drain is working properly.

Sewage Overflow Is Best Lefts to the Professionals

This is one of the safest DIY ways to handle sewage malfunction situation on your own. Also, If you are successful, this will help eliminate the risk of further serious drainage problems. But, it is advised, if you are not sure of handling this process on your own, you should seek professional Cedar Park water damage repair. These Pro’s  have experience and all the right equipment to tackle such problems quickly and safely.